Holistic Assessment   I   Timely Diagnosis   I   Immediate Treatment   I    Lasting Change

Achieving a timely diagnosis will enable you to access immediate focused treatment. We identify a primary contributing factor for your pain or injury which provides the direction for your treatment as we work with you to fix the problem.



Fixing a musculoskeletal injury, pain or weakness can be achieved using a range of treatments including; hand-on physiotherapy, strength and mobility exercise, aquatic exercise and importantly personal commitment to recovery.




Aquatic exercise

Aquatic exercise uses the buoyancy of water to significantly reduce the body weight impacting on your joints. With less pressure on your joints it is possible to do no impact or low impact exercise that will enable you to increase  muscle strength, flexibility and general fitness without the detrimental effects of vertical loading through damaged joints. Water exercise can easily be upgraded to provide increasing resistance to match your injury rehabilitation status. We have over 15 years of collective experience working with clients in the pool.


Aquatic exercise is effective for a wide range of situations from chronic pain management to elite athletes maintaining fitness during injury .

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