What is Aquatic Physiotherapy / Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy, also called Aquatic Physiotherapy, is injury rehabilitation completed entirely in water in a purpose built hydrotherapy pool.  The aim of Aquatic Physiotherapy is to decrease pain, increase range of movement and flexibility as well as develop and improve muscle strength and general fitness.   


Why is it beneficial / how does it work?

  • The Physiotherapist will design and direct you through a specific exercise program for your injury or condition
  • This type of rehabilitation often commences sooner than may otherwise be possible on land  
  • The buoyancy of the water allows for low impact exercise which takes pressure off joints
  • You can alter the intensity of the session, the faster and harder you work the more resistance there is


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Facts about Hydrotherapy;

  • Temperature of the pool: 34°C
  • Purpose built Hydrotherapy pool
  • Can be for rehabilitation or exercise
  • Appropriate for all ages
  • All your sessions are directed by an experienced Physiotherapist

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Try Hydrotherapy if your pain is not responding to other treatments

Hydrotherapy is different to other forms of land based physiotherapy as the warm water not only takes the weight off your body but also provides a relaxing environment to complete gentle exercises without aggravating your injury.


Some times Physiotherapy, regular exercises and massage therapy may actually exacerbate injuries or chronic problems however Aquatic Physiotherapy or Hydrotherapy may actually help as with less pain completing the exercise this will allow you to build up strength and improve movement and progress onto land based exercises and activities. 


When can I make an appointment for Aquatic Physiotherapy / Hydrotherapy?

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7.30am to 12pm


7.30am to 12pm


7.30am to 12pm

8.30am to 12pm


1pm to 5pm


1pm to 5pm





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