Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation  

Rehabilitation is not only beneficial and important after surgery but you can also greatly benefit from it prior to surgery or pre-operatively as well. 


Pre Op Rehabilitation

Before having a surgery it is extremely beneficial to have completed a pre operative Rehabilitation Program which allows you to increase strength and fitness whilst gaining important conditioning for the areas which are to be operated on. Completing a Pre Op Rehabilitation Program will generally help you to recover from surgery faster. We have had many years working with clients before and after surgery and know that we can provide much needed information on every aspect of your up coming surgery/operation. 


Post Op Rehabilitation

The sooner you are able to get out of bed and get moving again after your surgery the better. Generally after surgery, land based activities are difficult or even impossible due to weight baring on tender joints , however getting moving soon after an operation is vitally important. A hydrotherapy rehabilitation program allows for the weight factor to be dramatically reduced from the recovery equation which allows you to commence an exercise and rehabilitation program sooner, giving you increased results and a shorter recovery time.

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